Welcome to the
Circle C Quarry

The Big Rock Quarry in Walla Walla County


The Circle C Quarry pit reserve is approximately 90 acres and is currently available.


2018 WSDOT Materials Lab declared the Circle C Quarry is currently approved as a source of aggregate for:



BST Crushed Screenings

Crushed Surfacing Top Course

HMA Wearing Course


Crushed Surfacing Base Course

Gravel Backfill for Foundation Class A 

Maintenance Rock

BST Crushed Cover Stone

Crushed Surfacing Key Stone

HMA Other Courses

Permeable Ballast

The Circle C Quarry has direct access to U.S. Highway 12 near the Wallula Junction; therefore, it is well positioned to be a source of quality material for local projects and for U.S. Highway 12 Projects in Walla Walla County in Washington. Today and for the future.